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to: illmarryatticusfinch (who does not appear to have an ask)

I love your screen name. One of the things that convinced me to marry my husband was that he told me that he’d chosen Atticus Finch as a role model.

(I’m putting this in the Gilmore Girls tag, since illmarryatticusfinsh originally responded to one of my posts in the GG tag, so maybe this way they’ll see it.)

Thanks. I’m not super Tumblr savvy since I don’t have that much time to Tumble. 


Found season 1 of Gilmore Girls on TV (I have the dvds, so don’t ask me why I’m bothering).  Any ways, Lorelei is always making a big deal about how she didn’t want to have her parents involved in her life and creating an independent life from them. Yet, she only moved 30 minutes away from them. If you really wanted to cut them out of your life, wouldn’t you move further than a lot of peoples’ work commute?

Keep in mind that when Lorelai left, she was 16 years old and she had a baby and probably not the best transportation options of her own. She also ran away at a young age with no money, so she was desperate to find work and needed to do that quickly in order to survive and support Rory. Moving further away wouldn’t make sense in the more demanding, practical ways Lorelai needed to consider upon her journey toward independence. 


Frozen is finally going to be shown at the movie theater of my city. I’m so excited! I started jumping when I saw it at their website (I was going to scream but I would wake up my family, haha)!


How I will feel in mid-July when I get to see my best friend and her WHOLE FAMILY. Or when I see any person who I miss or have missed for extensive quantities and qualities. 

OK, No One is Talking About This


Either they don’t want to jinx it or they don’t want people to be disappointed, but I believe openness is almost always the best strategy.

There is a chance (very slim) that TFiOS will be the biggest movie in the US this week. That’s a huge deal in the movie industry no matter what your movie is…

Well, Hank, and other nerd fighters, I work at a small town movie theater that is family owned. It’s not a chain theater, so my boss didn’t know if we would be able to get TFiOS. I begged her to beg 20th Century Fox to give it to us and they came through. Tonight we had a sold out show. And our afternoon show was about 3/4 full, which is huge for Friday at 3:40 when the high schoolers had to pretty much sprint over from school. 

Side note: I agree that Edge of Tomorrow looks decent, but that one only sold about 1/8 of what TFiOS did today at our theater. 

Granted, we have a smaller sample size from which to judge, but I think it’s a pretty accurate assessment. 

Husky Owners


So real question how do you deal with all the fur outside of brushing them everyday? Do you have an awesome vacuum or something?

Well, for us huskies have always been outdoor dogs, but I understand that’s not an option if you live in a metropolitan area or just have a small yard or something. Or if you lack a fence. I suppose that would do it to. Anyway, I’m digressing. 

I recommend a Shopvac. Make sure you take off the vacuum attachment and just use the round opening of the hose. Those things seem to suck up everything. Just make sure you use a dry Shopvac since Shopvac makes liquid vacuums as well. My mom has a liquid on for when our basement floods. We don’t have dog hair in the house since our husky is outside. But, I assume we would invest in a decent Shopvac if our husky was inside. Also, our husky is sort of obnoxious, but she’s trained as much as one can train a husky. She hates storms, so sometimes we have to keep her inside her indoor kennel. When we take her back outside in the morning, she’s trained to just shake on the back porch. Not in the kitchen, living room, or elsewhere in the house. That way, if/when we vacuum, we just have to vacuum the back porch, which is a small carpeted area. 

If you have the time/money, I would also invest in hard floors of some kind for your main living areas. That way you can sweep the hair instead of vacuuming. 

Good luck!

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